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A Letter To The Artists

In a world that batters us so I want to thank the artist today.

Thank you for brightening our days and for having the courage to show us your most vulnerable parts.

Thank you for making life bearable with the beauty of your talent.

Thank you for lowering your heart to us so that we may not feel alone.

Thank you to the writers that so eloquently express how we feel.

Thank you to the painters that put into visual compositions that which there are no words to describe.

Thank you to the actors and dancers that make us feel.

Thank you to the singers that warm our hearts.

Thank you to the poets, sculptors, and art historians.

Thank you for having the courage to chose your career even when the world ironically condemned you and told you your choice was unworthy.

Thank you for being so brave because with your bravery you inspire the rest of us.

We, the artists, are the keepers of the human soul, for art is the home of what it means to be alive in this world.

Without art we are condemned to the slow and lonely death of pragmatism, a world without feeling.

An artist is a hero.

A wonderfully brave and troubled human who explodes with emotion in a tempest of creation.

Thank you for showing us the beauty and horror of this world.

Thank you, artists, for keeping our feet on the ground while also letting our imaginations soar.

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Con amor siempre/ With love always,

Laiana Isabel

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