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Christmas Tree Cupcake Ornaments DIY

When it come to the Christmas tree ornaments I appreciate the meaningful and heartfelt decorations. As the years have passed me and my family have found ourselves in tough situations around the Christmas time so it's never really been an option to redecorate an entire Christmas tree with all new ornaments each year. About three years ago we'd lost all our ornaments in our various moves and we'd managed to find a super bargain on an outdoors metal white Christmas tree. We decided that we didn't have to use the metal outdoor tree outside so we used it inside and bought the materials bellow for decorations. 

We sat down one night with some close friends and embarked on the crafty journey of creating a Sweet Shop themed tree. The ornaments we made still hang on our tree three years later and they have the most significant and sentimental of values. 

Here is how to make your own:) 

1. Start with your foam sphere and cover the majority of it in white glue. Leave a small space on the bottom uncovered. Dip or sprinkle glitter all over sphere and allow to dry. 
2. Cut a circle out of felt so it is big enough to wrap round half of the sphere. 
3. With the needle and thread sew around the circle as though you were creating a frame around the piece of felt. When the two ends of your thread meet, place your finger at the open end and pull on the thread so that your felt circle is pulled into a circle bowl. Secure thread at the point where the bowl is large enough to fit the sphere inside. 
4. Place dried glittered sphere inside of the felt bowl so that the glittered part is visible and the part that is not glittered is hidden. 
5. Apply hot glue with the hot glue gun around the edges of the sphere to glue it together with the felt bowl.

Now for the cherry on top:

1. Make a small circle out of felt. 
2. Sew around circle as though creating a frame. 
3. When the ends of the thread meet, place your finger at the open end and pull the thread until the circle closes on itself. 
4. Open circle slightly and  place the ends of a small ribbon folded in half inside of the felt pouch. *For a fluffier cherry, stuff the small felt circle with one or a half of a cotton. 
5. Place a dab of hot glue into the interior of the felt pouch and pull on the thread once more to close the pouch. 
6. Now, apply another dab of hot glue at the bottom of your small cherry and glue on top of your glittered foam sphere aka your cupcake:) *To maintain a steadier cherry on your cupcake pinch one side of the cheery with a sewing pin and drive the pin into the foam sphere to keep the two attached.

Hang your new ornament on the tree by the ribbon on the cherry and enjoy the beautiful Christmas tree Cupcake shop theme!


- Add other accents like a ribbon strips along the "paper" covering of your cupcake etc. 
-Paint your foam sphere with different colors of regular acrylic paint to change the flavor of your sweet treat decoration.

I look at those ornaments each year and I am transported to that night where we stayed up till the late late hours making cupcakes and other decorations out of felt, glue and glitter. My soul sisters, Alana and Ariana, were spending the night at our house and it was an amazing Christmas despite all of my family's set backs. Today, I look back and I miss my dear friends with all my heart as we have a vast ocean between us, but I hope they know I remember and love them always:) 

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed and prosperous New Year! Hope you enjoyed that mini tutorial:) 

Yours with love, 


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