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Pretty Pin Boards Craft 4 Room Decor

Here is a tutorial for the beautiful PB Teen fabric pin boards. I am a big fan of "Pottery Barn" (who isn't?:) and these are one of my favorite products from PB because they are the same conventional cork boards but they are pretty and serve to add color and pattern to the room. Take a look at some of the ones from PB Teen here.

I wanted a three pin board set with different vintage patterns side by side like the ones above so I took a trip to Joanne's and did some fabric shopping. If you are going to make 12 in by 12 in squares like those above you will only need half a yard for each square and that is only to give you plenty of comfortable room to use the fabric. You could easily buy only a quarter of a yard.

Here's what I did...

1. Before I figured out what I wanted to do to decorate them I knew that I wanted three squares, so I was going to need three square cork boards.
I bought "Board Dudes" four set cork board tiles.
2. These tiles are very, very thin and they feel really fragile so I thought I was going to need something to support them. On my trip to Joanne's I found a set of three thick pieces of hard foam, the same size as the cork board tiles which meant no hassle:), just glue the cork board tile onto the hard foam tile using the miracle that is "Tacky Glue" and you suddenly have a nice, firm, base for a pin board.

3. Wrap the now firm boards in you choice of fabric and glue using "Tacky Glue".

4. The three newly decorated pin boards went up on the wall, after a night of drying, using "Command Velcro Strips". 

$1.75 for 1/2 of a yard of blue printed fabric 
$1.75 for 1/2 of a yard of grey printed fabric 
$3.40 for 1/2 of a yard of pink printed fabric (the most expensive:/)
$5 for Board Dudes four set of cork board tiles 
$3.75 for thick hard foam tiles (w/ 40% coupon)
$3.99 for Medium Bottle of Tacky Glue 
 Tip to reduce prices even more: *coupons* :)

There are really a lot of ways to go about this, you could buy any cork boards you want, some that are already thick and supported and wrap them in fabric to create these. The key is the fabric, the patterns, the colors.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this Saver's post:) Here's another pic my finished pin boards:


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