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Road Trip Diaries: "The Skies Along the Road"

We are taking a road trip!:) Yes, the Unique Margarita crew is moving about and we have currently driven from Virginia to Boston and back! Here's the back story... 

The economy and jobs. Yes, we hear these two words a lot these days and as I far as I am concerned at least the job one is right. We have been at it two years, moving around, applying, staying here, staying there to no avail. Just last month the wind blew southward to where some friends of ours have extended their hand and offered their help. So we packed up and named it "Our Road Trip". Some stops were in order before we headed for our final destination so northward we went first. During that trip I found out some things I did not know before: 

1. Boston is a beautiful city. 
2. Fireworks are as pretty as they are scary. 
3. The beach near Boston is better during high tide :) 
4. Nice and hot days (like 90 degree and up) are better suited for the beach near Boston. 
5. Ipads are super fun to use! (I guessed this:) 

I could write other things like the company of friends is always heartwarming or eating all together at the table (a homemade meal)  is the best way to enjoy your food but I already knew those:) 

So, Art. Of course we must always move towards that subject here!:) When you are on the road you get a keen eye for the sky in front of you. How the clouds shift, what shapes they make etc. Every single day they are different. In fact that is probably an understatement, the sky changes every minute. They are like brief paintings displayed for everyone to see and gone as soon as they come. 

The skies changed a lot during our time on the road. Here are some of the masterpieces we saw: 

 Mega Sunny

 The one above looked like an upside down turtle head to us, or a right side up front of an airplane without the front window. The one bellow was just a dazzling blue. 

 Rainy and Grey

 Adorned with Puffy Bright White Clouds

 Clear as can be

 Bluish, Purpleish, and Pinkish: The bright dots are airplanes.


 Wind Swept Clouds

So we continue on with our journey:)


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